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Step by Step:

1. Wonder... about something of importance and interest to you or others

2. Choose.... your question, your possible answer, your background knowledge. Write a proposal.

3. Research your question. 

This will be the most important part and time of your project.

4.  Summarize your journey: your process (what you did), your content (what you discovered), and your product (your evidence -- persuasive letter and other projects).

5. Evaluate your journey: how well did you "make meaning" and how well did you plan, pursue, document, research, and produce your project?

Go to:

1. Envision  Part 1 Propose

2. Envision Part 2 Proposal

Create in:

1. Journal  (in class folders or OWN)
Use  KWHW sheet

2. Google Docs W_ Proposal Code Topic

W7 Proposal Shee Bees

3.  Google Docs:

What's the text? What do I want to know? What will the text tell me? Is it valid? Which will I use?

Use Google Bookmark 

Cornell Notes

Practice and 
Use reading strategies --reading strategies

Draw conclusions: Use the Target Sheet to summarize your facts, make conclusions, and develop a response to the issue of your question(s).

Choose your audience. Write your letter.

4. Exhibit your work --
What did you do?
What did you discover?
To whom and of what issue did you share?
What products did you create to share yur information with others?

In Google docs, write an abstract of your process and products: abstract

Create a portfolio of links to all of your products (brochures, letters, sites, blogs).

Your portfolio can be a Google presentation or site or a blog or blog post.

5. Evaluate your work:

Make a copy of these documents in your portfolio folder.