How will you share your process and product?
Process: your research journey
Product: your displayed information and persuasive letter

Maintain a log of your journey:
What did you do each day?
What content did you read and discover?
What skills did you use?
What ideas did you conclude to answer your question?

Who was your audience and how will you share your learning? (blog, website, podcast, report, essay, brochure, presentation, etc.)
Who did you write a persuasive letter to?

Refine / Own / Invent / Connect

Refine and Own:
Be committed: be thorough and thoughtful -- continue to refine your research. 

Invent: develop insights into your topic. 

Connect: find audiences to whom you can share your findings.

Own the project: find new and interesting ideas.

Summarize your findings in an abstract paper.

  1. Research Question (your THICK question)
  2. Hypothesis (I thought that...)
  3. Method (your process-- how you researched or conducted an experiment)
  4. Observation (summary of your discoveries from an experiment or a link to your notes and sources--Sources (What sources did your use?))
  5. Conclusion ( What conclusions were drawn; what generalizations made; what issue discovered and solved)
Share your research (display / exhibit ).

Links --Link to your work -- Your abstract; What solutions did you suggest; what audience did you persuade; what products did you create to share your information; what further research do you or someone need to do.

This could be a Google presentation, a Google site, or a blog post or blog (edublogs).