What to do:

What have you always wanted to learn? What interests you? What are your hobbies? favorites?

Envision your interests -- visualize them. Make lists. Ask questions. Answer them. Choose one to research. Own it: be committed.

Part 1: Propose

What do you want to explore?
Search a few ideas. List them.
Find a topic interesting to you. 
What question do you want answered? 
This is a THICK question: a what if, why, how, what happened type of question.
It's something that will require you to search and find, think and discover, review and consider.
Who else would be interested?
Consider a topic that others may be interested in so that you can share your information.
If a topic is interesting to you, who else will be interested? 
Is your topic important to others? How will your study help them?

Create a KWHW sheet to guide you. 

Part 2: Proposal

Now that you have a question, write a proposal for your project.

Answer these questions in a Google Doc named W_ Proposal Code Topic in your writing folder.

What's your main question?
What other questions support it?
What do you already know?
Why is this important to you?
With whom will you share?
What final project do you envision?
Share with your teacher for approval.

How to do it:

Part 1: Propose

In your journal in class, brainstorm ideas that interest you. Think of who else would be interested. Consider. Connect. Contemplate: CCC Think Sheet

Answer the questions.

Use the KWHW sheet to guide you. Remember to make your own copy.
What do you know?
What do you want to know?
What do you hypothesize you will find -- your answer now?
Where will you look?

Part 2: Proposal

Create a Google Doc or Google Presentation named W_ Proposal Code Topic in your writing folder. Your response from the  KWHW sheet  will help you.

W7 Proposal Shee Bees

Write the questions at left and write careful answers to all of them. In a presentation, write a question and an answer on each slide.

The product you make will depend on:
  • To whom will you share your researched information?
  • What is the best way to present the information?

Will you create a(n):

Essay in google docs
Presentation in google presentation
Blog Post
Google Site
Audio or Visual presentation

Subpages (1): MOTT outline